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We offer services in designing and installing machinery, as well as providing complete turnkey engineering system installations. Our team consists of skilled and professional employees capable of working on all systems.

The team has experience and professionalism

We have an experienced team ready to provide professional consultation and accurate price assessments tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Excellent service, quick completion, 100% safety

We are ready to engage with customers, listen to their ideas, and focus on providing excellent service for their satisfaction. We work according to the customer’s specifications, set clear goals, and are dedicated to the utmost safety in both personnel and property.

Sattha Group

Expertise in turnkey machinery installation

Specialized in machinery installation
Equipment and machinery relocation
Dismantling equipment and machinery
Transportation of various equipment and machinery
Installation of new equipment and machinery on the production line

Our Service

Comprehensive engineering services
Sattha Engineering Group Co.,Ltd is a company that provides 3D design services, as well as renovation and various related system work. We undertake construction projects of all sizes and have employees available to support projects throughout Thailand

Machinery System

Have special in large-small mechanical systems For moving -transportation – installation -demolition. Turnkey Installation of new machines and equipment production line – Relocating and Moving equipment and machinery. Demolition of machinery equipment – Factory relocation

Mechanical System

providedesigns and off mechanical Mechanical System ,Fire protection system ,HVAC systtem, blumbing system and process utilities for manufacturing plants

Communication Electrical System

Have Providing design and installation of the electric Electrical for buildings and manufacturing lighting, MOB, Power supply for machines, Plugin busduct, Pick to light installed in the communication system for industry and office, CCTV system – LAN and network – telephone system – Graphic fire alarm system – Building Management System – public address system

Construction Work

Scope of work, covered construction buildings general civil works. Presenting design work, assembly work and installation, brush bending, moving, repairing and provide decoration and improvement services Factory extension – factory floor – warehouse – work shop – car Park – Machine foundating -underground water tank – canopy – working boots – Granty structure – steel platform structure – steel stair – paint booth – fence

Structural Work

Emphasizing the importance of quality design to meet steel structure projects that adhere to standards and safety, including steel roof structures, steel floor structures, steel staircases, paint booths, work booths, and safety barriers

Safety System

We always prioritize safety as our top concern in every aspect of our operations. We place significant importance on risk assessment, rapid problem resolution, and the use of high-quality safety equipment to ensure the utmost safety for our customers.

Our Work

General construction work

Install production line structure

Adding a factory building

Our Customers

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About Us

Sattha Engineering Group Co.,Ltd

We provide engineering design and construction services, including mechanical systems, construction, building renovations, and various utility systems in industrial facilities.
We prioritize excellent service to ensure our customers can confidently carry out their operations, while also focusing on the safety of our employees, assets, and our customers’ properties.

Established in July 2008

By a group of professional technical experts

Pride and the idea that "Technique is the future"

More than 60 permanent employees

Established in July 2008

By a group of professional technical experts

Pride and the idea that "Technique is the future"

More than 60 permanent employees

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Social Activities

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